Let the Music Man Entertain You

Gary is the King of Sing-alongs.

Gary has been playing sing-alongs since he was allowed to play in the Hole in the Wa’ pub in Dumfries as a School boy at the age of 12 ! It was here that he learned to back singers , immediately finding their key and improvising chords till he became an expert !

His vast repertoire of songs from every era will keep everyone happy.

A lot of venues love themed nights such as the 60’s, Scottish or international nights and Gary has the songs and music to suit the occasion.

Sing a longs are especially popular at Sheltered Housing venues as well as Birthday & Anniversary Parties- after everyone has danced their socks off and feel they are ready for a good old sing song!

Gary has all the songs to cheer everyone up and even has dances that can be done sitting down so that no one is left out- it’s easy to do the Twist sitting down- try it. He is also renowned for encouraging anyone to do their own party piece.



Everyone loves when Gary appears at our Day Centre. His personality and songs are the best combination for a great time.Whenever Gary appears at the Day centre we know that every chair will be taken!

Carol Wicker

North Berwick Day Centre

Gary knows instinctively how to make people happy with his music. He can change from sing-alongs to classical music within a second which means that everyone enjoys the afternoon.If Gary was available everyday he could just leave his equipment here and return the next day as all our clients love his entertainment !

Fiona and Julie

Harlawhill, Prestonpans

We have many entertainers attending Whitdale Day Centre but none show the talent or cheeriness as Gary.

You can tell immediately that Gary loves entertaining and this enjoyment spreads to our guests and residents.

Hurry Back !

Whitdale day centre


Thanks for playing for my mother’s 100 birthday

at the Tor nursing home in Edinburgh.

She was delighted when you were able to play her favourite song – Caller Herring.

You really are a gifted person Gary. I haven’t ever seen anyone with the talent and repertoire that you posess.


Thanks so much for Thursday night. You made our American themed night go with a Bang !

The tenants and staff of Cunnigar House have nothing but praise for you as you make sure they are all included in the “party” and they are still raving about it a week later.

I personally loved to see the enjoyment you brought to our tenants, family, friends and staff and cannot wait to have you back.


Mid Calder